Schools reopen in Sutlej flood affected areas


LAHORE: In the wake of the Sutlej River returning to normal water flow, schools have resumed operations in areas of eastern Punjab recently affected by the river’s flooding.

The education department has announced the reopening of 63 schools that were temporarily closed on August 20th due to the extensive flooding caused by the Sutlej River.

Among these, 48 are located in Pakpattan tehsil, with the remaining 15 in Arifwala tehsil, both of which are part of the Pakpattan district.

Up to 100,000 people moved due to Punjab floods

The flooding has taken a toll on education, with at least 43 schools in the riverine area suffering damage, impacting approximately 9,000 students.

Meanwhile, the irrigation department reports that the inflow at Sulemanki Headworks stands at 30,988 cusecs, with an outflow of 16,866 cusecs.

The recent Sutlej River flood has wrought extensive devastation, leaving 157 villages entirely inundated and displacing over 166,000 residents, according to official data released by the district administration.

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