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RAW involved in killing of Pakistani citizens: foreign secretary

ISLAMABAD: Foreign Secretary of Pakistan, Muhammad Syrus Sajjad Qazi on Thursday said that Indian intelligence agency Research Analysis Wing (RAW) is involved in the killing of Pakistani citizens.

Foreign secretary said that Indian agents are involved in Shahid Latif’s murder was killed outside a mosque in Sialkot October 2021.

After conducting a comprehensive investigation, it was determined that Yogesh Kumar, an Indian operative deployed in a third country, orchestrated the planned killing.

The Foreign Secretary further said that an Indian agent orchestrated the murder of Muhammad Riaz by hiring an assassin.

Muhammad Abdullah Ali, the perpetrator, was apprehended in September as he attempted to board a flight at Jinnah International Airport in Karachi. Subsequent interrogation unveiled that Ali had been recruited and directed by Indian agents Ashok Kumar Anand and Yogesh Kumar.

Qazi mentioned that these killings were linked to “higher-level cases” and implicated a “sophisticated international network spanning multiple jurisdictions.”

He said that Indian agents employed advanced technology and sought refuge on foreign soil to carry out assassinations within Pakistan. They recruited, financed, and supported individuals, including criminals, terrorists, and unwitting civilians, assigning them specific roles in these orchestrated killings.

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According to Pakistani security agencies, Muhammad Riaz and Shahid Latif were peaceful citizens and their only fault was that they exposed the ongoing oppression and barbarism in Kashmir and the disgusting face of India.

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