Petitions filed challenging results in 20 constituencies

Petitions filed challenging results in 20 constituencies

ISLAMABAD: Political candidates across Pakistan are challenging recent election results announced amid accusations of irregularities and fraud.

Rehana Dar, an independent candidate, filed a petition in the Lahore High Court (LHC) challenging Khawaja Asif’s success from NA-71 constituency in Sialkot. Dar alleges that Asif, despite losing according to form-45, declared himself the winner through alleged collusion through form-47. In the petition, she called for a recount and sought to nullify the results based on form-47.

Dr Yasmin Rashid also challenged Nawaz Sharif’s victory from NA-130 constituency in Lahore, citing discrepancies between form-45 and form-47 results. In the petition, she sought a court order to halt the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) from issuing the final result. She requested a recount of all votes within her constituency.

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Similarly, Ayaz Amir contested the outcome of his constituency, claiming a reduction of over 154,000 votes. He asserts his lead of more than 25,000 votes according to form-45 and vowed peaceful protest if his demands were not met.

The victory of Maryam Nawaz from NA-119 In Lahore is also under scrutiny, as independent candidate Shahzad Farooq challenged the outcome. Farooq alleged non-issuance of form-45 by the presiding officer (PO). In the petition, he sought court intervention to declare Nawaz’s victory result invalid.

Saiful Maluk Khokhar success in NA-126 Lahore was challenged by Malik Tauqeer Khokhar, citing discrepancies between form-45 and form-47 results. Malik urged the court to order a recount and nullify the form-47 result.

Petitions against results in 20 constituencies are scheduled for hearing in the LHC on February 12. Independent candidates, like Latasab Sati from Murree, are also challenging results in the ECP.

The ECP similarly requested an official report on alleged result changes in NA-47 constituency.

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