Imam-e-Kaaba leads Jummah prayers, dua at Faisal Mosque today

Imam-e-Kaaba in Faisal mosque

Evevryone in Islamabad seemed to be inquiring about the Jumma prayers timings today for Faisal Mosque due to the esteemed presence of Imam-e-Kaaba Al-Sheikh Saleh bin Abdullah bin Hameed, a revered figure whose visit to Pakistan was highly anticipated.

The Faisal Masjid Jumma prayer became a time of deep reflection and unity for the worshippers gathered.

The Saudi ambassador in Pakistan was also in attendance, marking the significance of this event. The congregation, listened intently as the Imam-e-Kaaba, a title held with great respect by Sheikh Saleh Al Humaid, began his sermon.

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During the sermon, the Imam e Kaaba, whose presence in Pakistan is a rare and valued occasion, emphasised the interconnectedness of the Muslim community. Drawing an analogy to a unified body that gains strength through mutual support, he urged Muslims to foster brotherhood, love, and equality among themselves.

This message of unity was particularly poignant, resonating with the theme of the Friday Dua after the prayers.

“Improve yourself for the betterment of the Hereafter,” advised Imam-e-Kaaba, his words echoing through the halls of the mosque. His visit, often referred to as ‘Imam e Kaaba in Pakistan’, had become a catalyst for spiritual growth and introspection among the worshippers.

His call for a strict adherence to the philosophy of piety, encouraging worshippers to embrace a life guided by moral and righteous principles, was a reminder of the essence of Islamic teachings.

As the prayer echoed through the halls of Faisal Mosque, the message of unity, self-improvement, and adherence to virtuous principles left a profound impact on those in attendance. The congregation today at the Faisal Masjid during Jumma time, carried with them a renewed sense of purpose and spiritual connection.

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