General election: ECP issues code of conduct for security personnel

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ISLAMABAD: The Election Commission of Pakistan has issued a code of conduct for security personnel performing duty in the general election.

According to the notification issued by the ECP, security personnel performing duty at all polling stations will responsible for ensuring a peaceful environment and the safe transfer of ballot papers.

As per the electoral code of conduct, no voter can be denied the right to enter the polling station, and security personnel will not ask any voter to provide proof of identity.

Security personnel must refrain from favoring or opposing any party or candidate, maintaining impartiality throughout the electoral process, it said.

Security personnel will remain deployed until the transmission, polling, counting, and results are finalized. They will also be assigned for the transfer of ballot papers from the returning officers’ offices to the polling stations. Additionally, security personnel will be present during the printing of ballot papers at the printing corporations.

It is emphasized that security personnel cannot perform the duties of polling staff or take electoral material into their custody. Under the code of conduct, personnel cannot arrest anyone from the polling station without the direction of the presiding officer, and no action can be taken on any incident without the presiding officer’s guidance.

Furthermore, security personnel are prohibited from engaging in arguments with any candidate, polling agent, observer, or media representative, and they must remain completely impartial during the entire electoral process.

A separate code of conduct will be issued for the Pakistan Army and the civil armed forces.

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