Will cut heads of terrorists, release political prisoners if voted to power: Bilawal


MALAKAND: Pakistan People’s Party Chairman Bilawal Bhutto Zardari has said that Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf founder Imran Khan and Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz supremo Nawaz Sharif will face retribution in this world.

Addressing an election rally in Malakand, Bilawal mentioned that nowadays some people are clamoring for a level playing field, but the PPP did not get a level playing field in any election.

The PPP chairman stated that “we will face all the issues together. They used to say that the weather is bad and there is terrorism, so postpone the elections. I want to tell all the old politicians not to play with the national economy.”

Bilawal said that the PTI founder gave hope to the youth that he would bring change. However, when the PTI founder formed the government, he took several U-turns. “I will not celebrate today’s decision, but the PTI founder of should repent,” he said while referring to the Toshakhana case reference where Imran Khan and his wife Bushra Bibi each were awarded 14-year jail term.

He further said that fake cases were made against Bhutto’s daughter. “The PTI founder of and Nawaz Sharif will face retribution in this world, and Nawaz Sharif experienced retribution through revenge politics with his daughter.”

The PPP chairman said that Mian Sahib wants to become prime minister for the fourth time. What does he want to do? The people will decide who will be their prime minister. The PPP is the only party that can stop the lion and hunt it, so the people should vote wisely on February 8, whether you like our face or not. We and they are in the field.”

He said, “Who is the PTI founder who sells the blood of the martyrs? The decisions of the PTI founder are raising the heads of the terrorists. I will never tolerate that the terrorists dominate the country again. I will cut their circuit.”

Bilawal said, “Why should we turn the difference of opinion into political enmity? Asif Zardari’s throat and tongue were cut, but he chanted the slogan of Pakistan Khappay.”

The PPP chairman stated that on the first day of coming to power, he will release all the political prisoners. He will cause trouble for the elite and give relief to the people. He will close 17 ministries and give relief to the people. He has to regularize the slums and give them ownership rights.”

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