Underground electricity project to modernise Saddar Rawalpindi

saddar rawalpindi mobile market

RAWALPINDI: Cantonment Executive Officer, Syed Ali Irfan Rizvi of Rawalpindi Cantonment Board (RCB), announced that the extensive underground electricity cabling project in Saddar, the largest and busiest business centre in the Rawalpindi Cantonment area, is on track for completion within the next nine months.

Initiating the first phase, the underground cabling work commenced from Mall Road, Saddar. RCB successfully concluded the tender process for the civil works associated with this significant undertaking.

Under the phase-I project, underground cabling on key thoroughfares including Mall Road (Service Road North), Haider Road, Bank Road, Kashmir Road, and Link Road is set to be finalised.

This development signals the imminent disappearance of electricity poles and visible wiring in Rawalpindi’s renowned shopping destination.

By the year’s end, Saddar, frequented by shoppers seeking a variety of goods, from clothing and shoes to jewelry, mobiles, electronics, and more, will undergo a transformative change.

The responsibility for the civil works rests with the Rawalpindi Cantonment Board, while the electrical aspects fall under the purview of Islamabad Electric Supply Company (IESCO).

To ensure transparency, a dedicated committee comprising senior officers and stakeholders has been established to oversee and facilitate the project.

Syed Ali Irfan Rizvi, the CEO of RCB, expressed the board’s commitment to providing enhanced facilities to both residents and business owners.

As Rawalpindi Saddar undergoes this infrastructural upgrade, it reinforces the city’s dedication to modernisation and improved civic amenities.

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