Sher Afzal Marwat, Senator Afnan Ullah scuffle during live show

Sher Afzal Marwat

ISLAMABAD: What was supposed to be a civilized debate on a current affairs programme turned into a physical altercation between two rivals on live television. The incident unfolded on Javed Chaudhry’s show on Express News, where PTI lawyer Sher Afzal Marwat and PML-N Senator Afnan Ullah Khan were invited as guests.

The trouble began when Afnan Ullah Khan, the son of the late Mushahid Ullah Khan, accused the former prime minister and PTI chairman of being an agent of Jews and working against Pakistan’s interests. This accusation enraged Sher Afzal Marwat, one of the PTI chairman’s legal counsels and a staunch supporter of his party. He could not tolerate the invective hurled at his leader and decided to take matters into his own hands. He slapped Afnan Ullah Khan hard across the face, triggering a scuffle between the two.

The show’s host, Javed Chaudhry, attempted to intervene and calm the situation, but his efforts were in vain. The two continued to exchange blows and kicks, while crew members rushed to separate them. The cameras captured the chaotic scene, which quickly went viral on social media.

The fight lasted for a few minutes before the crew members managed to separate the two.

This incident also brought to light the deep divisions and animosity among political parties in Pakistan, who often resort to personal attacks and mudslinging rather than engaging in constructive dialogue and debate. It exposed the lack of tolerance and respect for dissenting opinions in the country’s political culture.

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This incident is not the first of its kind in Pakistan’s history, as politicians have engaged in physical altercations on live TV shows before. In 2019, PTI leader Masroor Ali Siyal and senior journalist Iftikhar Ahmed had a similar fight on a talk show hosted by Nadeem Malik. In 2018, PTI leader Naeemul Haque slapped PML-N leader Daniyal Aziz on another show hosted by Javed Chaudhry.

Such incidents cast a negative light on the image and reputation of Pakistan’s political class, which is often accused of being corrupt, incompetent, and irresponsible. They also undermine the democratic values and norms essential for a healthy and progressive society.

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