US drones patrol violation of Afghan airspace: Stanekzai

Drones Afghanistan

KABUL: Deputy Foreign Minister for Political Affairs of Afghanistan, Sher Mohammad Abbas Stanekzai, has stated that the ongoing patrolling of US drones in the airspace of Afghanistan is in violation of international norms.

Speaking in an inclusive interview with Ariana News, Stanekzai said that Taliban officials have raised this issue in negotiations with American delegations and demanded an end to the violation of Afghanistan’s airspace.

“Yes, there are US drones patrolling Afghanistan’s airspace, and we have repeatedly raised this issue with them during meetings.”


“According to the Doha agreement, after the withdrawal of US forces, this country would have friendly relations with the new Islamic government of Afghanistan and would play an active role in the reconstruction of Afghanistan, encouraging other countries in this direction and definitely not interfering in the internal affairs of Afghanistan,” According to the senior Taliban leader.

Additionally, in response to concerns from some Central Asian countries regarding the construction of the Qosh Tepa canal, he said that this canal is an Afghan project, and the government will complete its work.

“This canal is an Afghan project, and the government will continue to complete it,” Stanekzai said.

Meanwhile, Stanekzai the regime is committed to providing their educational and educational rights.

“As an Afghan, I can say that education will not be banned, it should not be banned, and this is the natural and religious right of girls,” he stressed. -INP

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