US launches air strikes on Iranian-backed militia sites in Iraq, Syria

US airstrikes

WEB DESK: In a calculated response to the recent drone strike that claimed the lives of three US service members in Jordan, the United States has initiated a robust air assault on multiple sites across Iraq and Syria.

This offensive operation, disclosed by officials to the Associated Press, marks a decisive move to address the threat posed by Iranian-backed militias.

Manned and unmanned aircraft were deployed in the initial strikes, strategically targeting command and control headquarters, ammunition storage facilities, and various other key installations, as reported by the AP.

The precision of these strikes underscores the determination of the US military to neutralise potential threats emanating from the region.

Sources within the US government, speaking to Reuters, have affirmed that the strikes were specifically directed at facilities associated with Iran’s Revolutionary Guards and the militias under its support.

This deliberate focus on entities linked to Tehran highlights the gravity of the situation and emphasises the US commitment to safeguarding its interests and personnel in the region.

As tensions escalate, the international community closely watches the unfolding events, awaiting further developments and diplomatic responses.

The repercussions of these targeted strikes are likely to reverberate throughout the geopolitical landscape, shaping the dynamics between the involved nations in the days to come.


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