UK arrests 3 Bulgarian spies for Russia

bulgarian spies

LONDON: Three Bulgarian nationals suspected of espionage for Russia have been arrested in London and charged in a major national security investigation.

The BBC disclosed that the suspects, apprehended in February and currently in custody, are facing charges of possessing identity documents with “improper intention”. The alleged possession of these forged documents suggests their involvement in espionage activities on behalf of the Russian security services.

The accused were detained as part of a broader investigation into suspected violations of the Official Secrets Act. Counter-terrorism detectives from the London Metropolitan Police, responsible for espionage-related matters, led the operation.

The trio includes Orlin Roussev (45), Bizer Dzhambazov (41), and Katrin Ivanova (31). They are charged with using counterfeit documents involving passports and identity cards from multiple countries, including the UK, Bulgaria, France, Italy, Spain, and others.

The suspects had been residing in the UK for a number of years. They held various jobs and lived in suburban properties. Notably, Orlin Roussev had business dealings in Russia and had served as an adviser to the Bulgarian Ministry of Energy. Bizer Dzhambazov worked as a driver for hospitals, while Katrin Ivanova was a laboratory assistant for a private health business.

The three defendants are scheduled to face trial at the Old Bailey in London in January.

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