Staunch conservative elected House Speaker by US parliament

House Speaker Johnson

WASHINGTON: End weeks of political chaos, the US Republicans have elected Rep. Mike Johnson as the House speaker. Johnson, a deeply conservative but lesser-known leader from Louisiana, emerged as the fourth Republican nominee in a tumultuous cycle of political infighting since Kevin McCarthy’s ouster. The move was met with both support and criticism within the GOP.

Johnson’s ascent to the position of House Speaker comes as a relief for the Republicans who were eager to put an end to the political chaos that had unfolded since Kevin McCarthy’s ouster. While Johnson wasn’t the party’s first choice for the role, he managed to secure broad support from the party, aiming to move forward with the business of governing.

In a first-ballot vote, Johnson received unanimous support from Republicans, indicating a strong desire to put the recent weeks of tumult and division behind them. His emergence as a consensus candidate came after several other contenders had been considered in the ongoing power struggle within the GOP.

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Johnson holds the advantage of having a significant GOP backer in former President Donald Trump. Trump, who is currently facing a lawsuit alleging business fraud, expressed his support for Johnson, describing him as a “fantastic speaker” and noting that he had not heard any negative comments about him.

The chaotic situation within the Republican Party had persisted for three weeks, leaving them unable to effectively utilise their majority status in the House. Far-right members had resisted more traditional speaker candidates, while moderate conservatives were reluctant to support a hard-liner. Johnson’s nomination succeeded, even though approximately two dozen Republicans did not cast their votes.

Overnight, endorsements for Johnson poured in, including support from key figures like Rep. Jim Jordan, who had previously sought the speaker position, and Majority Leader Steve Scalise, a fellow Louisiana congressman.

The tumultuous month leading up to Johnson’s election included the nomination and withdrawal of several candidates, while the Republicans had also been grappling with a potential government shutdown and pressing legislative matters. With Johnson at the helm, the GOP aims to move past their internal divisions and focus on addressing the challenges facing the nation.

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