Rafah Border crossing opens for aid to Gaza; only 20 trucks permitted

gaza aid

GAZA: A fleet of more than 200 trucks loaded with approximately 3,000 tonnes of aid had been stationed near the crossing before heading into Gaza, but only 20 trucks have gained access into the region, according to Al-Jazeera.

Earlier, the Hamas’s media office announced that the relief aid convoy, set to arrive on that day, consisted of 20 trucks carrying medicine, medical supplies, and a limited quantity of canned food supplies.

Israel had imposed a blockade on the territory and launched successive rounds of devastating air attacks in response to a violent incursion by fighters into towns in southern Israel on October 7.

Israel’s Gaza genocide continues, Palestinians death toll crosses 4,100

In the aftermath, many individuals in Gaza were reduced to consuming just one meal a day and faced severe water shortages, anxiously awaiting the much-needed aid. Additionally, hospital staff were in urgent need of medical supplies and fuel for their generators, with the increasing number of people requiring treatment for injuries sustained during the bombings.

The territory has been under a strict seal by Israel for the past two weeks, compelling Palestinians to ration their food supplies and resort to using contaminated water from wells. Hospitals have reported dwindling stocks of medicine and fuel for emergency generators amid a widespread blackout throughout the territory.

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