London: teachers bully Muslim boy for wearing Palestinian flag to school

London Palestinian

LONDON: A British Palestinian child experienced degrading and humiliating punishments from the school’s management for steadfastly refusing to remove a small Palestinian flag patch stitched into his coat.

The eight-year-old Yahya, who lost friends and family due to Isarel’s ongoing assault on Gaza, has abstained from attending school since November 23 as a consequence of the dispute.

Shahid Achhala shared with the media that the staff at Barclay Primary School in Leyton subjected his son to harsh treatment, including preventing him from playing outside or having lunch with his year group.

The school also mandated that he wear an oversized coat, leading to ridicule from his peers. The school informed him that he would not be welcome on the school grounds if he continued to wear his coat.

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Approximately 200 students, parents, and supporters assembled outside Barclay Primary School in Leyton, East London, on Thursday morning to express solidarity and show support for eight-year-old Yahya.

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