Lawyer celebrates Zainab Abbas’ departure from India

Zainab Abbas India

DELHI: Indian lawyer Vineet Jindal has declared the departure of Pakistani presenter Zainab Abbas from India as a significant victory, igniting a social media storm in the process.

Vineet Jindal took to social media to express his unyielding stance, publicly hailing the exit of Zainab Abbas, a prominent Pakistani figure, as a monumental triumph. This move by the lawyer has raised eyebrows and drawn criticism for its perceived lack of hospitality and decorum.

In a statement posted on his social media account, Lawyer Vineet Jindal wrote, “Grateful for taking action against Zainab Abbas”. The lawyer also thanked the top Indian authorities for taking timely action. This statement marked a stark departure from the usual protocols of handling such situations, drawing sharp criticism.

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The lawyer posted another statement on social media, saying “She ran away from Bharat to skip legal consequences upon complaint.”

It is worth noting that Vineet Jindal had previously engaged in propagating anti-India tweets targeting presenter Zainab Abbas, which led to him filing a cybercrime complaint against her.

Contrary to Vineet’s claims, the International Cricket Council (ICC) spokesperson had earlier denied reports of Zainab Abbas being deported from India.

The news of Zainab Abbas’ departure from India emerged recently, indicating that the World Cup presenter had relocated to Dubai, where she took this step under heightened security measures.

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