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Kashmiri students arrested for supporting Pakistan in world cup

students arrested

GANDERBAL: Indian occupied Jammu and Kashmir (IOK) police have apprehended seven Kashmiri students at a regional agricultural university, after accusations of harassment by a non-local student.

The incident unfolded at a veterinary college in Ganderbal on November 19. The arrests were initially kept confidential to prevent potential tensions from escalating. The complaint, filed by a non-local student from Punjab, alleged that the Kashmiri students engaged in verbal abuse, raised pro-Pakistan slogans, and threatened him for supporting the Indian team during the cricket match.

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While university officials affirmed the absence of violence on the campus, they acknowledged that the complainant submitted a video to the police, depicting students purportedly raising slogans in the dark. These students, in their fourth year and nearing the completion of their degrees, currently remain in custody as investigations into the case persist.

University authorities have appealed to the government to reconsider the gravity of the charges against the students, expressing concerns about the potential impact on their future prospects. This is just the latest in the myriad human rights violations being undertaken by the Indian authorities in the IOK. The region of Kashmir has witnessed longstanding geopolitical tensions, and incidents of human rights abuses by the Indian forces that have occurred multiple times.

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