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Jemima Khan calls out Israel for atrocities against children


In a recent post on her X account, Jemima Goldsmith, ex-wife of former premier Imran Khan, drew attention to the alarming number of children losing their lives in Gaza.

Moving away from her previous stance of calling out “both sides”, she particularly highlighted the comparison with the child casualties during the 14-year war in Iraq. The post emphasised the unprecedented scale of child fatalities in Gaza within just one month due to Israeli actions.

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She stated, “The number of children being killed in Gaza is unprecedented. Fewer children were killed in Iraq in the last 14 years of war (2008-2022) in one single month in Gaza.” Additionally, the post asserted that the civilian death toll resulting from conflicts between Israel and Gaza surpasses that of all conflicts worldwide throughout the 20th century.

Jemima also rejected the terms “pro-Israel” and “pro-Palestine,” advocating for a more inclusive perspective. She noted the possibility of supporting Israel’s right to exist in safety while also championing Palestinian freedom. The argument was framed around the idea that these two positions are not only compatible but interdependent.

She has previously advocated for considering multiple perspectives in discussions related to the conflict, and now has explicitly expressed a commitment to addressing both antisemitism and Islamophobia. In an article published in The Independent, she highlighted her personal connections with individuals from both Muslim and Jewish communities as the driving force behind engaging in a comprehensive and inclusive discussion on the matter.

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