Italian criminal’s decade-long escape ends in soccer stadium showdown

CORFU: Vincenzo La Porta, a 60-year-old fugitive associated with the Naples-based Camorra organised crime gang has been arrested by the Greek authorities after 11 years on the run.

According to the media reports, the arrest came shortly after he was photographed celebrating on a balcony in Corfu following his hometown team’s Serie A championship win a few weeks ago.

The reports said that the investigators had been closely monitoring La Porta’s activities and spotted him among the fans during the celebration. The investigators traced his whereabouts to the Greek island and following locating him, the officers foiled his escape attempt on a motor scooter.

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“La Porta has been captured under unique circumstances. Unable to resist celebrating the championship victory, he inadvertently revealed his presence to law enforcement,” the police official sad.

Meanwhile, one of the Italy’s 100 most dangerous fugitives La Porta had been convicted in absentia of criminal association, tax evasion, and fraud by Italian authorities.

As per reports, he faced deportation back to Italy, where he was to serve a 14-year prison sentence. The Italian officials, however, eagerly await the verdict of a panel of appeal court judges, who will rule on the extradition request.

The international media reported that during his appearance before a prosecutor on Saturday, La Porta’s lawyer Athanassios Giannakouris argued against the extradition, citing the fact that his client had already established a new family in Greece and was working as a chef to support them. Furthermore, Giannakouris pointed out that La Porta suffered from heart ailments, which would exacerbate his situation if extradited.

The media reports said that prior to his arrest, Italian police had been waiting for La Porta to make a false move that would provide crucial information about his whereabouts. The successful operation has now brought an end to his long-standing evasion of justice and raised hopes for justice to be served in Italy.

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