Heavy rain claims 10 lives in south India

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NEW DELHI: Weeks after intense flooding in southern India due to cyclone, heavy rain hit the same area claiming at least 10 lives.

In Tamil Nadu, hundreds were stranded as water submerged roads, with the air force dropping 10 tonnes of emergency supplies to those stranded.

Chief Secretary Tamil Nadu, Shiv Das Meena, said at least 10 people had died and 12,600 people were forced to flee to safer areas, the Indian Express newspaper reported.

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Taking to X, the governor office of the state wrote, “The situation is “grim” in districts including Thoothukudi and Tiruelveli”.

Tamil Nadu state chief minister M K Stalin said “historically high rain” falls had “severely impacted the livelihoods of many and caused extensive damage to infrastructure”.

The heavy rains come just two weeks after at least eight people were killed by Cyclone Michaung, which hit Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh states on December 6.

While rains are expected in southern India in December, scientists have warned that storms are becoming more powerful as the world gets warmer with climate change. – INP

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