Hamas issues call for Arab and Islamic ‘mobilisation’ globally in support of Gaza

Hamas Israel war

WEBDESK: In an update on news around the Israel Hamas conflict, the latter has issued a call for a widespread ‘mobilisation’ of the Arab and Islamic world this Friday, characterising it as a day for ‘heroism and sacrifice’. The call follows a relentless Israeli aerial bombardment of the Gaza Strip, which has seen a significant number of Hamas targeted after the group initiated a surprise assault, resulting in a minimum of 900 Israeli fatalities.

Hamas leaders are now urging individuals in the Arab and Islamic world to rally and express their solidarity with both Hamas and the Palestinian populace this Friday. Furthermore, they have appealed to the ‘revolutionary youth’ across the West Bank and those residing in Jerusalem to confront Israeli soldiers, whom they labelled as ‘cowardly’.

The situation has sparked international reactions, with thousands of Palestinian supporters converging on the Israeli embassy in London, engaging in flag-waving, singing, and flare-setting activities. Meanwhile, clashes between Palestinian and Israeli supporters have erupted in a London Underground station, with police striving to maintain order, according to Daily Mail.

The ongoing conflict, which has witnessed residential blocks being decimated and hundreds of civilians killed due to the rockets and bombs, has also seen Israel enforce a ‘complete siege’ of Gaza, severing electricity, fuel, and food supplies to the 2.3 million Palestinians residing there with the Israeli defence minister comparing Gazans to animals. The death toll has exceeded 1,600 lives and neighbourhoods in Gaza are being reduced to rubble with the four-day-old war marking a devastating chapter in the history of Israel-Hamas conflicts.

In a stark warning, Hamas has also declared that it will commence executing Israeli civilian captives in response to any targeting of their people without prior warning. This comes amidst reports of Hamas militants abducting up to 150 individuals, including women and children, from Israeli territory and pulling them into Gaza during their brutal assault.

The current conflict, while not the first between Israel and Hamas, has unfolded within a particularly volatile context, with desperation escalating among Palestinians and a hard-right government in Israel that staunchly opposes Palestinian statehood.

Separately, Chechen warlord Ramzan Kadyrov, whose fighters are busy in the Ukraine conflict has issued a rhetorical video statement pledging to send his men to Palestine to take part in the fight.

In the meanwhile, Iran’s supreme leader has issued a statement denying Tehran’s involvement in the Hamas attack. Yesterday, Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi and Saudi Arabian Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman agreed that “voice of reason” should prevail in the ongoing Hamas-Israel war with Saudi issuing an earlier statement asking for a halt to the conflict between “Palestinian factions” and “Israeli occupational forces”.

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