France battles growing bed bug crisis ahead of Olympics

bed bug France

PARIS: France is facing a growing bed bug problem, prompting concerns from the government about the need to address the issue before the upcoming Olympics in Paris.

Reports indicate that the infestation has become more widespread in the country in recent years, with the French capital, Paris, experiencing a significant impact.

Bed bugs have been detected in various places, including homes, cinemas, hospitals, and trains, leading the country’s transport minister Clement Beaune to take action to protect passengers.

As per the reports, Beaune announced plans to convene transport operators to discuss the measures being taken to address the issue and ensure the well-being of passengers.

Meanwhile, First Deputy Mayor Paris Emmanuel Gregoire also expressed concern about the bed bug problem and wrote a letter on behalf of City Hall to Prime Minister Elizabeth Borne, urging immediate action.

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Gregoire emphasised that bed bugs constitute a public health issue and called for a comprehensive action plan to combat the infestation, especially as France prepares to host the Olympic and Paralympic Games in 2024.

The severity of the problem in Paris has led to suggestions that bed bug treatment should be included in home insurance policies to assist residents in covering the costs of pest control measures. The city is calling on the government to organise meetings focused on pest control to address the growing concern

In August, a social media user posted pictures showing alleged bed bug markings on her body after a visit to a Paris cinema. Following public concerns, UGC Cinemas issued an apology to customers in a letter dated September 4 and announced the implementation of emergency procedures.

The Ministry of Energy Transition has noted on its website that the increase in bed bug infestations may be attributed to international travel and the growing resistance of these pests to insecticides.

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