British crocodile expert confesses to ‘raping, torturing and killing dozens of dogs’

Trigger Warning: Rape, Bestiality

WEB DESK: Renowned British crocodile expert Adam Britton has shockingly pleaded guilty to a multitude of charges related to bestiality involving the torture, rape and killing of more than 40 pet dogs.

Britton, who relocated from the United Kingdom to the Northern Territory of Australia to pursue his fascination with saltwater crocodiles, has been a prominent figure in the field, contributing to books, collaborating on documentaries, and working with renowned organisations such as the BBC and National Geographic. He even kept a pet saltwater crocodile named Smaug.

According to Telegraph, the 51-year-old, on Monday, admitted guilt to 60 criminal charges, including animal cruelty,  raping or attempting to rape dogs, possession and dissemination of child abuse material, and more, in the Northern Territory’s Supreme Court.

Meanwhile, the details of the charges were so horrific that the judge Chief Justice Michael Grant warned people in the court that the evidence could cause “nervous shock”. Furthermore, he allowed individuals in the public gallery, journalists, and security personnel the option to exit the courtroom due to the disturbing nature of the details.

As per the reports, Britton’s actions were characterised by the judge as “grotesque cruelty” that could induce “nervous shock” or adverse psychological reactions in those exposed to the evidence.

The court heard that Britton had a “sadistic sexual interest” in animals, particularly dogs, and had intentionally killed approximately 40 animals in a pattern of cruelty dating back to at least 2014.

Investigators discovered a shipping container on his property, referred to as his “torture room,” filled with computers, cameras, hard drives, and sex toys. Prosecutors asserted that Britton used this space to “torture, rape, and kill dogs.

Britton had acquired many of these dogs through Gumtree Australia, falsely assuring their previous owners that they would be well cared for.

The British crocodile expert also had a Telegram account to connect with “like-minded people” and another account for uploading and distributing video recordings of animal abuse. He is accused of sexually abusing his own dogs, Bolt and Ursa.

Bolt and Ursa

The case is set to be adjourned for sentencing in December, with expected submissions from defence lawyers. Britton remains in custody.

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