What’s new? WhatsApp’s new Screen-Sharing and Voice Chat features


TECH DESK: The go to messaging companion of the masses, WhatsApp, is stepping up its game with the introduction of a dynamic feature – screen-sharing during video calls. 

This innovation is set to elevate how you communicate, allowing you to seamlessly present everything from the latest viral content to crucial business slides, all within your familiar chat interface.

Drawing comparisons to ZOOM, Skype, or Google Meet? We won’t blame you. With this feature, WhatsApp is making a clear statement that it is ready to rub shoulders with the titans of video conferencing.

It is easy to use. Just a simple screen tap during a video call, and that’s it! The messaging app becomes a serious business oriented video conferencing application. It gives you the flexibility to display content in either portrait or landscape mode.

On another note, WhatsApp dropped its voice chat feature just days ago. Rather than everyone in a group getting a call, they’ve opted for silent notifications, ensuring minimal disruption for participants. The beta version accommodates 32 participants, but there’s buzz about this number potentially increasing once the feature officially launches.

WhatsApp’s recent enhancements underscore its appetite for gathering serious users interested in a single-window app for all things voice and video!

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