Smog-borne virus spreading in Lahore: reports

smog-borne virus

LAHORE: Pulmonologist Dr Irfan Malik has expressed concerns about a new type of smog-borne virus spreading in Lahore.

Malik, while speaking to Jang, said that if one member of a household is infected with the smog-borne virus, the entire household becomes susceptible. Its symptoms include high fever, body aches, upset stomach, and a phlegmy cough.

According to Dr Irfan Malik, hospitals and clinics are witnessing an influx of 30 to 40 patients infected with the virus daily. The new virus seems to disproportionately affect children and the elderly.

He further said that there have been no reported deaths from the new virus so far.

The caretaker Health Minister of Punjab, Dr Javid Akram, said that the current virus is highly prevalent, and it could potentially be COVID.

Smog in Lahore today:

The effects of the initial artificial rain in Lahore, intended to alleviate pollution, have started to diminish within a week. Unfortunately, Lahore has once again secured its position as the second most polluted city in Pakistan, according to the Air Quality Index (AQI).

While the first round of artificial rain, conducted on December 16 to combat smog, initially showed positive results, the latest AQI readings reveal that Lahore now has over 400 unhealthy particles in the air, marking it as the second-highest polluted city.

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