Resolution tabled in Senate for safe use of baby formula milk

ISLAMABAD: On Monday, Senator Samina Mumtaz Zehri tabled a resolution in the Senate addressing the production and safe use of baby formula milk and related products.

Dr Mehr Taj Roghani talked about the alarming rise in diarrhea among children, attributing it to the consumption of packaged milk. She expressed concern about the powerful influence of the “canned milk mafia” and suggested that even the government might be involved in this issue.

Highlighting a critical point, Dr Mehr Taj added that artificial milk lacks any living cells, and she accused the government of complicity in the matter.

Senator Mehr Taj underlined the ineffectiveness of previous bills, stating that despite numerous attempts, no significant changes have occurred. Undeterred, she affirmed her commitment to reintroduce the bill, recognizing the urgency of the situation.

Senator Dr Mehr Taj questioned the rationale behind limiting the committee to making recommendations, stressing that the gravity of the issue demands concrete action.

She further stated that a child’s health is nurtured through the mother’s milk, emphasizing the irreplaceable role of natural feeding over artificial substitutes. Dr Mehr Taj’s unwavering determination underscores the critical need for comprehensive measures to address the challenges posed by unsafe baby formula milk and related products.

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