PTA and Metrix Pakistan Co-Host Successful Safe & Secure Responsible Use of Cyberspace Conference in Abbottabad

ABBOTTABAD: The Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) and Metrix Pakistan collaborated in a momentous effort to co-host the Safe & Secure Responsible Use of Cyberspace conference in Abbottabad. With an impressive attendance of over 5,000 enthusiastic participants, the event stood as a resounding success in promoting awareness and best practices for navigating the digital realm safely.

The joint organization of this conference showcased the power of public-private partnerships in addressing critical issues concerning cyberspace. PTA and Metrix Pakistan combined their expertise to create a dynamic platform that engaged diverse audiences and emphasized the importance of digital responsibility.

The event was inaugurated by the Former Minister of Youth Affairs, Tourism, Agriculture & Sport of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Raja Faisal Zaman, who emphasized the significance of fostering a safer and secure digital environment for Pakistan’s youth. His presence added a touch of prestige to the conference and underlined the importance of collective efforts in promoting responsible internet usage.

“Pakistan is entering a digital age, and it is our collective responsibility to equip our citizens with the necessary tools to navigate this landscape safely,” said Former Minister Raja Faisal Zaman during the inauguration. “The Safe & Secure Responsible Use of Cyberspace conference is a commendable initiative to educate our youth and professionals about cybersecurity, empowering them to make informed decisions while online.”

Pakistan Telecommunication Authority’s Director, Muhammad Farooq, also expressed a visionary outlook during the event, stating, “Now we have a plan to organize these type conferences in every city of Pakistan.” This proactive initiative aims to extend the impact of such conferences nationwide, empowering individuals from all corners of the country with essential knowledge about cybersecurity and responsible internet practices.

The conference’s reach went beyond the venue, with professionals and students from all across Pakistan attending the event. Moreover, the organizers ensured a broad audience by live-streaming the conference on all platforms, attracting an impressive viewership of 50 thousand individuals.

The conference featured a diverse lineup of speakers from prominent platforms like SnackVideo and TikTok, including Mr. Naeemuddin Syed, Country Manager, Pakistan, SnackVideo, and Ms. Zara Basharat Higgs, Head of Public Policy Programs, South Asia, TikTok. These industry experts shed light on how their respective platforms are fostering responsible and safe technology use while creating opportunities for Pakistan’s youth.

Sessions during the event covered a wide range of topics, including leveraging TikTok to create opportunities for the youth, internet for entrepreneurship, and Teletaleem’s role in empowering individuals with digital literacy.

The conference also saw the participation of renowned experts in the field, including Mr. Khurram Sultan, Director Teletaleem, Mr. Parvez Iftikhar, ICT Consultant (Moderator), distinguished speakers like Dr. Khalid Rafique, DG, AJK IT Board, Prof. Asif Hameed, Director, Markazi Anjuman Khuddam ul Quran Lahore, and Abdul Rafay Baloch, a Cyber Security Expert, shared valuable insights on enhancing cybersecurity and fostering responsible internet practices.

The Safe & Secure Responsible Use of Cyberspace conference’s resounding success underscores the significance of collective efforts in creating a safer and more secure digital environment for Pakistan. Through these joint endeavors, PTA and Metrix Pakistan set an inspiring example, demonstrating the power of collaboration in addressing cybersecurity challenges and preparing the nation for a digital future.

As PTA continue their partnership and plan to extend similar conferences to every city, Pakistan’s prospects in cybersecurity education and preparedness are set to reach new heights. With empowered individuals equipped with digital knowledge, the nation stands ready to navigate the digital landscape safely and responsibly. The event’s inauguration by Former Minister Raja Faisal Zaman added an esteemed endorsement to this crucial endeavor, reflecting the commitment of the nation’s leaders towards creating a safer and secure cyberspace for all.

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