Operation launched against professional beggars in Islamabad

ISLAMABAD: Assistant Commissioners (ACs) and Magistrates in Islamabad have launched a crackdown on professional beggars in their respective jurisdictions.

According to the media reports, in a joint operation, the ACs apprehended a total of 48 individuals engaged in professional begging. The operation was carried out in various areas of the city, including Shalimar, Secretariat, Industrial Area, and Rural Islamabad.

The beggars were taken into custody and subsequently handed over to the police. Minor beggars were also apprehended and directed to the Edhi Centre.

The crackdown is part of a concerted effort by the authorities to address the issue of begging in Islamabad. The ACs have vowed to continue the operation on a daily basis until the problem is resolved.

The crackdown has been welcomed by the public, who have long been troubled by the sight of beggars on the streets. They hope that the operation will be successful in ridding the city of this social menace.

The authorities have urged the public to cooperate with the crackdown by reporting any cases of professional begging to the police. They have also warned that strict action will be taken against anyone found to be abetting or facilitating begging. INP

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