Minister hints at only eight-hour gas supply during winters

gas load-shedding winters

ISLAMABAD: Caretaker Power Minister Muhammad Ali, on Wednesday, said that as part of the load management plan, consumers will have access to gas for a duration of eight hours each day in winter.

“[Gas] load-shedding has been taking place for the last few years. The load shedding will occur this year as well because we don’t have enough gas to supply it for 24 hours,” said the minister while addressing a press conference in Islamabad.

Ali stated that a load-shedding plan was in the works to guarantee an eight-hour gas supply. He also highlighted a concerning 18 per cent decrease in natural gas reserves compared to the previous year.

Furthermore, Minister Ali expressed optimism regarding the alleviation of gas shortages for industries in December, citing the finalisation of two liquefied natural gas (LNG) cargoes as a potential solution.

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