Fire in PIA plane delays flight


JEDDAH:  A fire incident disrupted the departure of a Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) flight from Jeddah to Lahore.

On the evening of the incident, Flight PK 760, a PIA Boeing aircraft, experienced a fire in its Auxiliary Power (AP) unit while on the runway at Jeddah’s airport. The affected aircraft had previously arrived in Jeddah from Multan and was scheduled to depart for Lahore at 9 PM.

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In response to the fire, the departure of the flight was immediately halted, inconveniencing approximately 275 passengers present at the airport. These passengers were subsequently relocated to a local hotel. Consequently, the Jeddah to Lahore flight is now expected to depart at 11 PM today, resulting in a delay of 28 hours from its originally scheduled time.

This incident is particularly noteworthy as it marks the fourth fire-related incident involving PIA planes, both domestically and internationally, in the past three days.

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