Another PTI wicket down: Nakai joins IPP


KASUR: Former Pakistan Tehrik-e-Insaf (PTI) MNA Sardar Talib Hassan Nakai along with his associates has officially joined the Istehkam-e-Pakistan Party (IPP).

During the event, former PTI MNA Sardar Talib Hassan Nakai, representing other colleagues, expressed his jubilation over joining the IPP.

The exit of the influential Nakai family is a major setback for the PTI in the Kasur region, as they were considered a major support base for the party.

Speaking on the occasion, Nakai stressed the party’s commitment to uplifting the conditions of the underprivileged people and farmers, as well as its dedication to improving Pakistan’s future.

Other leaders, who joined the IPP, included former PTI MPA Pir Mukhtar Ahmad; former ticket holders Rana Aslam and Rao Shahid; and former PTI Kasur district general secretary Ali Javed Dogar.

As speculations loom over the potential delays in elections, the IPP leaders said they remained resolute, expressing their confidence in their mission to serve the country and bring about a positive change for the marginalised sections of the society.


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