WhatsApp set to revolutionise video calls with new music sharing feature

WhatsApp music sharing feature for video calls

WEB DESK: WhatsApp, the world’s most popular instant messaging platform, is in the process of launching an exciting new feature. This feature will enable WhatsApp users to listen to and share music while engaged in video calls.

According to the Meta-owned messaging platform, the update has been submitted through the TestFlight beta programme, updating the version to

Currently, the music sharing feature on WhatsApp is in the developmental stage and has not yet been released for early beta testers.

The upcoming feature is designed to allow all participants in a video call to listen to both video and music audio simultaneously when someone shares their screen. This promises to deliver an immersive and shared audio-visual experience for WhatsApp users.

Upon enabling this feature, users will have the capability to share the audio being played on their device with others on the call. Regrettably, it is anticipated that this feature will not be compatible with voice calls or video calls where the video is disabled.

WaBetaInfo, in a post, highlighted that the real-time sharing of video and music audio during a screen-sharing session adds a dynamic layer to video calls, significantly enhancing the interactive nature of virtual gatherings.

Through this innovative feature, WhatsApp users can expect to feel more connected with friends and family during video calls, especially with the screen-share option available. The release of this feature is anticipated in a future update of WhatsApp as it is currently in development.

Earlier, the Meta-owned app underwent a revamp of its interface, enhancing its aesthetics and cleanliness. The last released update for iOS and Android users addressed several bugs, contributing to an overall improved user experience.

With the introduction of this new music-sharing feature, it is likely that more people will be attracted to WhatsApp, further solidifying its position as a leading communication platform.

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