Threads to avoid ‘amplifying’ news to preserve positive environment


WEB DESK: In a recent Threads post by Head of Instagram at Meta Adam Mosseri has clarified its stance on news content.

Addressing a user’s post sharing a recent interview on promoting “hard news” on Threads, Mosseri emphasiSed that the platform is not “anti-news” but opts for a more “positive” approach in its promotion.

Responding to the user’s mention of an increase in news posts covering the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, Mosseri stated, “We’re not anti-news. News is clearly already on Threads. People can share news; people can follow accounts that share news. We’re not going to get in the way of any either. But, we’re also not going to amplify news on the platform.”

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The interview in question, conducted by The Verge in September 2023, featured Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg discussing Threads’ role in competing with X and its vision for the platform. In the interview, Threads was presented as a “more positive, friendly place for discussion.”

Zuckerberg differentiated the nature of content on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, stating that Instagram focuses on the happier side, Facebook adopts a middleman approach with both types of content, and Twitter tends to be “negative and critical.” He expressed the belief that a discussion experience could be created that isn’t as negative or toxic as Twitter’s.

Mosseri’s recent statement, aligning with Zuckerberg’s vision, places Threads in a distinct position compared to Twitter. The platform aims to cultivate a positive space without “amplifying” hard news.

Although users can still engage with news channels and share news content, Threads intends to create an environment where users are not overwhelmed with negative stories upon opening the application.

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