Tech visionary aims to create 80,000 IT jobs


Shiraz Hasnat

LAHORE: The Information Technology (IT) industry has emerged as a transformative force that has reshaped the world in myriad ways, touching upon societies, economies, and the very fabric of human experiences.

Among the remarkable trailblazers driving this transformation is Usman Asif, whose journey from the tranquil landscapes of Rahim Yar Khan to the bustling city of Lahore exemplifies the power of passion and innovation in shaping Pakistan’s IT landscape.

Originating from a modest background, Usman Asif’s quest was propelled by an unyielding passion for the burgeoning telecom industry. The untimely loss of his father in his formative years marked the beginning of a journey marked by resilience and determination. His mother, a dedicated government school teacher, became the foundation of his support system, fostering his pursuit of higher education.

Career journey

Usman’s pursuit led him to FAST University in Lahore, where he embarked on a computer science programme in 2004. This academic journey was a pivotal moment in his life, connecting him with like-minded individuals eager to explore the dynamic horizons of the IT sector. His fascination with telecom technology and computer programming charted a trajectory that would lead him to create transformative solutions for everyday challenges.

In 2007, Usman introduced “Coding Stack,” a pioneering programming app designed to provide succinct answers to users’ queries. This innovative platform reflected his commitment to leveraging technology for practical problem-solving. Usman’s vision extended beyond individual initiatives as he contemplated the integration of technology in pivotal sectors like healthcare and education, envisioning an empowered Pakistan through digital advancement.

75 individuals given Development Leadership Awards

His sojourn took him to the United States, where he immersed himself in the global IT arena. However, amidst the global pandemic’s upheaval in 2020, Usman returned to his homeland with a steadfast vision. His goal is to generate a staggering 80,000 jobs within Pakistan’s IT sector, elevating economic prospects while simultaneously extending opportunities to a diverse array of talent.

Usman’s impact transcends mere statistics. His initiatives have found resonance in the hotel management and human resource sectors, reaching even the hospitality hubs of Las Vegas, USA. Today, Usman and his team stand at the helm of transformative projects like the Maple HR system and the collaborative workspace “Focus.” Their endeavors underscore his global perspective, transcending geographical boundaries in pursuit of excellence.

The challenges faced by young individuals migrating to urban centers are not lost on Usman Asif. He envisions a future where good job opportunities mitigate concerns related to financial stability and empower the youth to address broader societal issues. Usman’s clarion call for collective ownership and focused problem-solving resonates as he implores the younger generation to rise above adversity.

Pivotal role of mentorship

Usman Asif recognizes the pivotal role of mentorship in steering young minds towards their true passions. He acknowledges that the rapid march of technology necessitates an understanding of evolving trends. As he highlights the transformative potential of generative artificial intelligence, Usman’s vision intertwines technology and human innovation, underscoring the irreplaceable role of human expertise.

Harnessing potential of artificial intelligence

With a candid acknowledgment of India’s lead in the IT industry, Usman Asif envisions a future where Pakistan harnesses the potential of artificial intelligence to propel progress. He advocates for an embrace of digital learning, allowing individuals from all walks of life to explore online courses and expand their horizons.

As the digital era unfolds, Usman Asif’s story stands as a testament to the power of innovation, entrepreneurship, and dedication in fostering progress. His message to aspiring entrepreneurs is clear: problem-solving lies at the core of impactful change. Engage stakeholders, embrace global trends, and cultivate solutions that transcend borders, epitomizing the spirit of the Global Village.

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