Soon you will be able to share, monetise AI agents

OpenAI ChatGPT store
  • Following a delayed launch, OpenAI’s GPT Store is on the verge of opening its doors for business.

Scheduled to officially debut next week, the GPT Store will serve as a platform for users to market and exchange tailored AI agents rooted in OpenAI’s expansive language models.

OpenAI communicated this update through an email to individuals enlisted as GPT Builders, urging them to verify that their GPT creations adhere to brand guidelines and emphasising the importance of making their GPTs publicly accessible.

The genesis of this initiative was announced by OpenAI during its November developer conference, unveiling plans to empower individuals to construct AI agents, known as GPTs, utilising its GPT-4 large language model.

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Accessible solely to ChatGPT Plus and enterprise subscribers, this feature enables users to craft personalised versions of ChatGPT-style chatbots, catering to a spectrum of purposes such as explaining Gen Z memes or guiding individuals through negotiations. While OpenAI already provides access to custom GPTs via the explore tab of ChatGPT Plus, the forthcoming store will enable users to share and potentially monetise their GPT creations.

Although OpenAI has alluded to compensating GPT creators based on usage metrics, it has yet to disclose specific details regarding the compensation plan.

Originally slated for a November launch, the GPT Store faced delays due to the organisational upheaval of CEO Sam Altman’s departure and subsequent return within the same month. The launch date was subsequently rescheduled to December and experienced further postponements.

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