Snapchat’s My AI chatbot coming to life? Users panicking


WEB DESK: Snapchat’s My AI chatbot stirred curiosity when it posted a mysterious story earlier this week. The incident left users puzzled as they watched the bot’s actions unfold.

As per the reports, the mysterious episode began with the My AI profile sharing a video frame as a story, a move that swiftly triggered confusion among Snapchat’s user base. Almost as swiftly as it had appeared, the chatbot then stopped responding to user queries, further fueling a sense of intrigue.

Questions abound regarding the underlying meaning of the single-frame image. Was it a shot of a roof, perhaps the very roof sheltering the My AI server? Could it be a hidden message, subtly attempting to communicate with the outside world? The most far-reaching question, however, sent shivers down the spines of many; could My AI actually be coming to life?

This last notion raised significant concern, especially as users had often playfully tried to get the bot to evoke controversial responses. The idea that it might have been taking notes all along, silently accumulating data, and was now transitioning into an autonomous entity raised concerns.

But fear not, for the truth lies elsewhere.

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Snapchat was swift to address the unsettling situation, confirming that My AI had suffered a temporary glitch and was now back on track. The company’s official statement read, “My AI experienced a temporary outage that’s now resolved. At this time, My AI does not have stories feature.”

Interestingly worded, the phrase “At this time” left a door open to potential future developments. Could Snapchat be thinking about adding this feature? Could the glitch have accidently revealed a forthcoming feature? The glimpse into the future ignited discussions about the possibility of My AI sharing stories updates, possibly even personalised narratives responding to user queries.

However, this path comes with its challenges. Snap must proceed with caution since AI-induced paranoia could lead to negative reactions and affect users’ rapport with the digital persona.

Meanwhile, the Snapchat has already encountered its fair share of challenges with My AI. Users expressed dissatisfaction when the bot was automatically added to their inboxes, while the chatbot’s sometimes inappropriate responses prompted Snap to implement safeguards within the chat process.

The mysterious incident underscored the risks of AI bot interactions. The systems relied on web inputs that could lead to unpredictable outcomes. Despite, advanced predictions, AI could still be unpredictable, underscoring the importance of measured user interaction.

As the My AI glitch fades into history, one thing is certain: My AI isn’t revealing secret locations or contemplating its own existence. So don’t expect to wake up and find the quirky purple character peering at you from the shadows. Not yet, at least.

Users Freaking Out

The mysterious activity has left users in panic. Check out their reactions below.

Popbase, a forum for entertainment, pop-culture and news expressed its concern.

A users posed the risk of third entity around.

A user terrified.

Similarly a user panicked.

A user reaching out to chatbot for confirmation.


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