How to receive regular calls and messages on ‘non-PTA’ iPhones

PTA tax iPhone 15

WEB DESK: The approval charges for Apple iPhones in Pakistan, regulated by the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) to use SIM in a phone, are considerably high, especially for the latest flagship models like the iPhone 14 and the newly launched iPhone 15 series.

Many individuals opt to purchase non-PTA approved iPhones at somewhat lower prices, deferring the approval process.

However, buying a fancy non-PTA approved iPhone only to find oneself unable to receive calls or respond to text messages defeats the purpose.

It is strongly advised that Pakistanis pay the PTA charges. However, for those seeking temporary alternatives, there is a method that allows non-PTA iPhones to function like approved ones.

Get a cheap PTA approved iPhone

By signing in with the same Apple ID on both a non-PTA iPhone and a PTA approved one, calls and text messages are seamlessly routed to both devices, enabling the non-PTA iPhone to receive calls and messages as well.

For individuals who already own a PTA approved iPhone, there’s a simple setup process to enable calls on other devices.

By accessing Settings > Phone and enabling the ‘Allow Calls on Other Devices’ option, users can ensure calls and messages are synchronised across their Apple devices, providing a seamless communication experience.

It’s recommended to buy or utilise PTA approved iPhone 6 or newer models due to their 4G capabilities, faster internet speeds, and convenient Apple-to-Apple connectivity, allowing for easy hotspot usage.

While there are temporary solutions on the market, such as using specific SIM cards, the mentioned method stands out as legal and reliable.

It utilises an Apple feature, enabling calls and messages to be received on all Apple devices linked to the same Apple ID, including iPhones, iPads, iMacs, and MacBooks.

Cheapest used PTA-approved iPhones to buy in Pakistan

For those interested in buying PTA-approved iPhones in Pakistan, the prices vary based on the model and condition.

For instance, the iPhone 6s, a popular choice, is priced around Rs20,000 to Rs25,000 in Pakistani mobile market, contingent on its condition and storage capacity.

Similarly, PTA approved iPhone 7 models in Pakistan are available for as low as Rs29,000, with prices increasing for higher storage variants.

How to check PTA status?

For individuals considering purchasing a second-hand phone, it is crucial to check the PTA approval status before making a decision.

This can be done via SMS by dialing *#06# to obtain the IMEI number and sending it to 8484. Alternatively, the DIRBS website can be accessed to verify the device’s PTA tax status.

If the device is non-compliant, it must be registered and the PTA approval charges paid to use it in Pakistan.

Taking these steps ensures a legal and hassle-free mobile phone experience for consumers.

Should you buy a ‘JV iPhone’ in Pakistan?

Regarding purchasing decisions, caution is advised, especially when considering ‘JV iPhones’ like the iPhone SE 2020 model, which may be enticing due to their low prices.

However, these phones are often blacklisted by Apple and can become useless if blocked, particularly if they were acquired through lease agreements with international network carriers.

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