Pinterest tests AI-based body type search option


WEB DESK: Pinterest is launching a live test of its AI-based body-type matching option, initially announced in September.

The feature allows Pinners, to refine their image searches based on their specific body shape, promoting a more inclusive and tailored discovery experience.

The new body type search filter presents Pinners with a selection of body models to choose from, refining search results to align with their chosen example.

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The aim is to provide more accurate product matches and foster greater inclusivity in search outcomes, addressing concerns about negative comparisons and exclusions within social platform discovery tools.

Pinterest has been actively addressing these issues, introducing tools such as skin tone and hair type matching to help users discover more relevant content during their exploration.

The addition of body type matching further enhances this effort, utilising visual ID matching to showcase pertinent examples from across the platform.

The innovation is likely to influence brands to diversify their representation, encouraging a broader range of body models in their content to align with the preferences of users utilising these filters.

The broader implications suggest a positive shift in guiding brands to adopt a more inclusive perspective, enhancing their audience reach and resonance through available search filters.

Early indicators reveal that Pinners are embracing these specific search options. Pinterest reports a 70 per cent increase in the use of its skin tone range filters, highlighting a growing awareness among users about personalising their discovery efforts based on individual parameters.

The rollout of the body type search is set to begin today, initially focusing on women’s fashion and wedding idea searches, with the potential for a significant impact on evolving search and discovery trends over time.

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