Pakistani astronaut Namira Salim to fly national flag into space

Namira Saleem

ISLAMABAD:  Pakistani adventurer and pioneering female astronaut Namira Saleem has talked about her upcoming space mission on October 5 and her plans to proudly unfurl the Pakistani flag in the cosmos.

Embarking on a transformative journey on October 5, she is set to become the very first Pakistani astronaut to embark on a voyage with Virgin Galactic, the pioneering space enterprise led by the visionary Richard Branson.

During a meeting with Caretaker Federal Minister for Information and Broadcasting Murtaza Solangi, Saleem told that she had purchased the ticket in 2006 for the space expedition and then waited for this historic opportunity for 17 years.

Meanwhile, minister Solangi hailed Namira Saleem’s upcoming space expedition as a significant achievement, underlining Pakistan’s expanding footprint in space exploration.

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On behalf of the Government of Pakistan, the Prime Minister, and its citizens, Solangi extended heartfelt congratulations to Namira Saleem, along with best wishes for her impending journey into space.

He also lauded Namira Saleem as a role model for women, emphasising the potential of the younger generation to elevate Pakistan’s reputation worldwide across diverse domains. He asserted that Saleem’s endeavor would spotlight Pakistan as a peace-loving and progressive nation.

It is noteworthy that Namira Saleem holds the distinction of being the first Pakistani woman to reach both the North Pole and now, her upcoming space voyage adds another remarkable achievement to her illustrious career.

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