Pakistan explores AI collaboration with China

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BEIJING: Dr Yasar Ayaz, the Director of Pakistan National Center for Artificial Intelligence(NCAI), had a two-week visit to China for exploring cooperation in the field of artificial intelligence (AI).

He visited prominent academic institutions and attended conferences to explore opportunities for Pak-China collaboration in AI.

During the visit to Shanghai, Dr Yasar Ayaz delivered an academic presentation titled Transforming the Future with Artificial Intelligence at Tongji University’s Shanghai Autonomous Intelligent Unmanned Systems Science Center and signed a cooperation agreement on industry-academia integration between the center and NCAI.

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Further cooperation in joint technological research and talent training were established, Gwadar Pro reported on Wednesday.

At China University of Mining and Technology (Beijing), Yasar Ayaz introduced significant research advancement of NCAI, including the applications of AI in healthcare, disaster management, crowd monitoring, vehicle recognition systems, and firearm detection systems.

During the interactive session, hot topics in the AI field were discussed, such as AI large-scale models, Artificial General Intelligence (AGI), and innovative applications of AI in the energy and mining sectors.

He also witnessed the official launch of a sensor-based integrated mining safety monitoring product by China University of Mining and Technology (Beijing) during the participation in the World 5G Conference and the 5G and Intelligent Mining Forum.

When attending the 2023 Annual Meeting of the International Forum on Higher Education in Xiamen, Dr Yasar Ayaz and Mr Du Yubo, the President of the China Higher Education Society, engaged in in-depth discussions on various topics, including the sustainable development of higher education in the digital age, the integration of AI into industry and academia, and science and technology cooperation among the Belt and Road countries.

“The visit to China aimed at strengthening collaboration and knowledge sharing in the field of artificial intelligence between China and Pakistan,” said Dr Yasar Ayaz.

The signed agreements and fruitful discussions are poised to drive innovation and propel the development of AI solutions that will shape the future of both countries and contribute to global technological advancements. – INP

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