iPhone 15 users unhappy with built-in speaker performance

iPhone 15 users complain of speaker sound

WEB DESK: In the mere fortnight following the launch of Apple’s latest iPhone 15 series, the spotlight has shifted from its features to a string of issues plaguing the device, notably its built-in speaker.

Numerous users across various iPhone 15 models have taken to Reddit to voice their concerns about distorted and crackling audio when the volume is pushed to the maximum.

Reports indicate that the earpiece speaker appears to be most impacted when the volume is at its peak.

A Reddit user shared their experience, saying the iPhone 15 Pro Max received on launch day exhibited speaker rattling and liquid-like sounds when the volume exceeded 80 per cent.

Another user concurred, noting that the audio distortion occurred in specific videos or certain frequency ranges.

iPhone 15 Pro Max Earpiece speaker
byu/WoodenAlternative212 iniphone


Earlier, a well-known TikToker joined the growing number of users reporting problems, specifically concerning the iPhone 15 Pro Max.

Despite having his phone replaced twice by the manufacturer at no cost, the problem persisted with the new units.

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The crux of the matter remains unclear—whether it’s a hardware glitch or a software hiccup—as users continue to face the same problem even after replacing their iPhones.

Apple, as of now, has not made any official statement acknowledging the reported speaker problems.

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