Instagram rolls out global reels download feature with user-controlled settings


WEB DESK: Instagram is introducing a global download feature, allowing users to save and revisit their favorite short videos.

The update offers a convenient way for viewers to retain valuable content for later reference, enhancing the user experience.

The new feature enables users to download all public Instagram Reels, providing an alternative to the existing save option.

By downloading Reels, users can store tips and tricks directly on their devices, ensuring easy access even without an internet connection.

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However, the development raises concerns among content creators who may prefer not to have their videos downloaded by followers. Instagram addresses this by giving users control over whether their Reels can be downloaded.

The option to enable or disable the download feature is accessible through a simple toggle switch, providing creators with autonomy over their content.

Meanwhile, Instagram Chief Adam Mosseri has confirmed the global availability of the Instagram Reels download feature, marking a significant update for users worldwide.

For creators seeking to restrict downloads, Instagram offers several options. Reels from private accounts remain undownloadable, and public Reels from creators under 18 are also exempt from this feature.

Additionally, users can choose whether to enable or disable downloads for their Reels, and Instagram provides a step-by-step guide to adjust these settings.

To manage download preferences:

  1. Record and edit your Reel, then tap Next.
  2. Select More options and scroll down to tap Advanced Settings.
  3. Toggle the download setting on or off as per your preference.
  4. Choose to apply the setting to all Reels or only the one you are uploading.
  5. Return to the main menu and tap Share to finalise your settings.

Instagram users can easily revise these settings for each Reel, ensuring control over how their content is accessed and shared.

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