Highly anticipated ‘Octopath Traveler II’ removed from Xbox Game Pass lineup

Octopath Traveler II

WEB DESK: Microsoft’s Xbox Game Pass subscribers received a jolt of excitement followed by disappointment when it was revealed that the highly acclaimed Role-Playing Game Octopath Traveler II had seemingly been listed as coming to the service in 2024. However, this enthusiasm was short-lived as Microsoft promptly removed the listing, citing it as an “error.”

According to Comicbook, the confusion arose when Microsoft unexpectedly announced the game’s arrival on Xbox Game Pass, leading to speculation about its inclusion.

Although the term “error” implies that it was not intended to be included, it leaves room for the possibility that the game may eventually make its way to the service, albeit without an official announcement.

Meanwhile, Octopath Traveler II, developed by Square Enix and Acquire, had initially launched earlier this year in February. It garnered favorable Metacritic scores, ranging from 83 to 86, solidifying its position as one of the year’s top-rated RPGs.

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It is pertinent to note that the sequel had skipped the Xbox platform upon its initial release but is slated to arrive on Xbox consoles in the first half of the upcoming year.

Considering that the first game in the series had made its way to Xbox Game Pass, there remains a glimmer of hope that the sequel might follow suit. However, as of now, there is no official confirmation regarding its availability on the service.

Octopath Traveler II unfolds its story in Solistia, a vibrant realm divided into eastern and western continents by a vast sea. This bustling era is marked by the advent of steam-powered technology and bustling sea routes.

The narrative follows eight travelers from diverse backgrounds, each embarking on a personal journey with unique talents to navigate the challenges they encounter.

Xbox Game Pass is accessible across a range of platforms, including Xbox One, Xbox Series S, Xbox Series X, and PC, each offering different subscription tiers. For more details on the service and other Xbox-related news, rumors, and deals, you can visit the official Xbox website for comprehensive coverage.

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