Elon Musk: “Block” option on X takes a vacation, netizens baffled

Elon Musk

WEB DESK: In a shocking statement on Friday, Elon Musk dropped a bombshell by announcing that X (nee Twitter) has waved goodbye to “block” feature. It’s like stripping a detective of their magnifying glass, who was going to crack the case?

Musk, in his tweet, raised eyebrows by saying, “Block is going to be deleted as a ‘feature’, except for DMs. Makes no sense.” The comment was prompted by a query from a Tesla fan account, questioning the utility of block versus mute.

Widely regarded as a protective tool, the idea that the block feature could vanish, resembling the platform’s previous verification system, sparked a backlash from furious netizens.

Amid X’s evolving roadmap, questions arise: Is this a strategic maneuver? A casual comment? Only time will reveal the motives. What’s clear is that the owner of X engaged with a post today that hinted at the potential elimination of the block feature.

However, the X’s help page states, “X gives people a variety of tools to control their experience, including blocking.” Blocking empowers users to restrict specific accounts from contacting them, viewing their tweets, and following them. Even if you’re blocked by another account, you can still block other accounts, including those that have blocked you.

While Mute might stick around like that one friend who is always at a party but never really participates, it operates differently. Think of Block as the bouncer who stops interactions, views, and follows by fellow users, while Mute quietly ushers your posts away from their timeline. Your muted status is the secret you always wanted to keep.

Meanwhile, Musk has clarified that the block feature will persist for direct messages.

Blocking has risen to stardom faster than any cat video on the internet. With spam replies infesting timelines like unwanted party crashers, users have embraced blocking like a shield against the digital deluge.

Remember when X Blue premium accounts got blocked faster than a pop quiz on Monday morning? Seems the feature had a VIP section,  but people weren’t buying tickets.  Celebrities, taking cues from their own red carpet strategies, have also made blocking a go-to move to kick online pests off the virtual stage.

As for the destiny of the feature, whether it fades away into digital oblivion or not is as clear as mud. Elon Musk, is the master of U-turns. Remember the great light-mode debate? “Let there be darkness,” he declared, only to hear the chorus of “Wait, we liked it dimly lit!” So, take his words with a side of caution – who knows, maybe “dark and dim” will be the next big thing

Netizens unleashing their inner Hulk

Grab your pop cones! The announcement is seeping through the online world like a “pixelated tornado”. Users are morphing into a mix of anger, confusion, and worry like a bunch of emojis on a roller coaster. Lets check out the reactions below.

Check this one out.

Someone’s being nostalgic.

Pictures worth a thousand words.

This one’s best!

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