Here are 2024’s iPhone 15 Pro Max prices in Pakistan

non PTA iPhone 15 Pro Max price in Pakistan in 2024

ISLAMABAD: Apple’s iPhone 15 series has taken the global smartphone market by storm, and Pakistan is no exception.

Despite being one of the priciest phones available, the iPhone 15 series, particularly the top-end model, the iPhone 15 Pro, has captured the attention and desire of consumers worldwide.

Unlike in other countries where Apple sells its products directly or has official stores, Pakistan lacks an official Apple presence. This absence has allowed local markets to dictate prices for the iPhone 15 series, citing import restrictions and high taxes as factors contributing to the elevated prices.

The lack of a fixed price for the iPhone 15 lineup in Pakistan has also led to variations across different mobile shops, making it challenging for consumers to determine a standard market price.

This pricing trend is not unique to Apple; other flagship phones not officially sold by manufacturers in Pakistan face similar circumstances.

Mobile business owners, shopkeepers, and wholesale suppliers import units of these phones, often referred to as ‘kits,’ as they are sold without the original packaging to circumvent taxes and allow for the importation of larger quantities for increased profits.

Adding to the cost, users of imported iPhones in Pakistan must obtain approval from the Pakistan Telecommunications Authority (PTA) to use their devices with local SIM cards. The PTA approval process incurs additional charges, contributing to the overall higher cost of these imported smartphones.

Despite the added expense, a significant number of iPhone 15 units in the Pakistani market remain non-PTA approved, leaving the decision to get them approved either at the point of purchase or in the months following in the hands of the new owners.

A recent survey of the mobile market in Rawalpindi revealed staggering prices for the iPhone 15 Pro Max dual physical variant, reaching up to Rs470,000. Notably, this price is for a non-PTA-approved phone.

However, savvy consumers may find more affordable options in the form of slightly used or box-opened iPhone 15 Pro Max models, with prices as low as Rs380,000 and boasting 100 per cent battery health.

It is essential to note that non-PTA-approved phones will not function with local SIM cards, and obtaining PTA approval for these high-end iPhones incurs an approximate fee of Rs150,000, as indicated by mobile shop owners.

While the iPhone 15 series enjoys immense popularity in Pakistan, the pricing dynamics, import regulations, and additional charges for PTA approval make it a luxury that comes at a considerable cost for consumers in the local mobile market.

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