Virat Kohli praises Pakistan’s bowling ahead of Asia Cup clash

Virat Kohli

ISLAMABAD: In the lead-up to the Pakistan-India match at the Asia Cup, Indian batsman Virat Kohli made significant comments regarding the Pakistani cricket team’s strengths during an interview with an Indian sports channel.

Kohli expressed his belief that Pakistan’s strength primarily lies in their bowling. He emphasised that Pakistan possesses some of the finest bowlers who can change the course of a game at any given moment based on their skills.

Consequently, he acknowledged the need for his team to put forth their best effort when facing Pakistan’s formidable bowling lineup.

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Virat Kohli further elaborated on his approach to the game, stating that his constant endeavour is to improve his own performance and enhance his game.

He highlighted the significance of his daily routines, practice sessions, yearly progress, and seasonal adaptations, all of which have played a pivotal role in maintaining his high-level performance and contributing to his team’s success.

Pakistan and India will face-off on Saturday in Sri Lanka at 2:30 Pakistan Standard Time.

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