Shaheen takes matters into his own hands ahead of crucial flight

SYDNEY: In a display of efficiency and team camaraderie, Shaheen Shah Afridi, the prominent fast bowler of the Pakistan cricket team, personally handled luggage duties on Sydney airport along with teammates to ensure a swift departure during the team’s Australian tour.

However, fans started criticising Australian authorities for bad reception soon after the video of the Pakistani team handling their luggage was posted on social media. A major chunk of the criticism came from Indian audiences who started drawing comparisons with India’s hosting standards.

Explaining the situation, Afridi stated, “There were thirty minutes to the next flight, and there were only two guys. We decided to handle it swiftly. It was just a helpful gesture – we consider ourselves a family and assist each other as a family.”

Speaking on the preparations for the match, Afridi addressed the media amidst a practice session in Canberra and expressed the team’s readiness for the challenges that lie ahead. With Pakistan currently leading the World Test Championship points table, Afridi conveyed the team’s optimism about delivering a commendable performance in Australia.

Despite acknowledging Australia’s formidable squad, particularly highlighting the cricket prowess of David Warner, Afridi extended well wishes while subtly expressing the hope that Warner would not excel against Pakistan.

Highlighting the team’s blend of experienced and young players, Afridi emphasised the familiarity with Australian players and their history of formidable competition.

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