Is Natalya Names forming all-female wrestling faction?

Natalya Names

TORONTO: World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) wrestler Natalya Names hinted at leading her own all-female group.

As per the international media, earlier in 2022, Names showed up on WWE’s NXT and had a feud with wrestler Cora Jade.

Names, however, along with other wrestlers from the main roster, was included in the gold brand as per a directive from WWE’s higher authorities. The directive aimed to have at least one main roster talent featured on every episode of NXT.

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Natalya Names’ Group

The media reported that since May 2022, Names hasn’t been on NXT. She beat Jade by making her give up in that last appearance.

Meanwhile, the hardcore wrestler has hinted to make a comeback. During an interview with SKOR North, she talked about her idea to create a group of all-female wrestlers.

The reports said that the idea might not be easy since Perez and Jade had issues with each other. Jacy Jayne was in a team before as part of the group Toxic Attraction. Stratton, on the other hand, was currently the NXT Women’s Champion. She won the title in May at NXT Battleground.

Natalya’s Past Teams

According to Sescoops, Natalya Names was aware of working in teams. In 2011, she teamed up with Beth Phoenix and they were called the Divas of Doom. Even now, they are still friends.

Meanwhile, in 2021, Natalya Names and Tamina Snuka joined up and won the WWE Women’s Tag Team Championships. This was Names’ first time winning a tag team title, and it was the first time Tamina won any women’s title. Before that, she only held the 24/7 Championship.

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