Inzamam ul Haq criticises PCB leadership for mishandling resignation


ISLAMABAD: Former Pakistan cricket team captain and ex-chief selector Inzamam ul Haq has bashed the leadership of the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB), led by Zaka Ashraf, accusing them of evading responsibility and mishandling his resignation.

While talking to the media, Inzamam expressed his frustration with the PCB for their lack of response to his emails and their failure to summon him for discussions.

He revealed that he had offered to cooperate with the board, with his lawyer emailing them, saying, “Summon us if you need us,” but received no response.

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Inzamam tendered his resignation as chief selector on October 30, following allegations of a “conflict of interest.” It was revealed that he had a partnership in Yazoo International Ltd, a players’ management company owned by Talha Rehmani, which represents several top Pakistani cricketers, including Babar Azam, Mohammad Rizwan, and Shaheen Shah Afridi.

In response to these allegations, the PCB formed a five-member inquiry committee to investigate potential conflicts of interest in team selection.

Inzamam expressed his disappointment, stating, “I found out through the TV that my resignation was not accepted. The board officials did not inform me of the non-acceptance of my resignation, and now they are trying to save face.”

He stated that his resignation was not related to the team’s World Cup performance.

Inzamam also criticised Zaka Ashraf, saying, “The board’s chairman was appointed for four months, and now an additional three-month extension has been granted. During such extensions, efforts are made to shift blame onto others. A person tries to save himself, saying that it’s not his mistake.”

He further highlighted the PCB’s failure to support him for his role in resolving the central contracts issue, which had been pending for four months. Inzamam claimed that he had played a significant part in resolving the matter but had not received due credit.

In response to Inzamam’s email, the PCB acknowledged its receipt and confirmed that they would respond in due course. The PCB clarified that Inzamam is currently suspended, and a final decision regarding his retention or dismissal would be made after the completion of ongoing investigations. He will not be allowed to take charge until then.

The PCB highlighted its respect for Inzamam as a prominent cricketer and noted that their investigations are conducted with integrity. They clarified that Inzamam’s resignation was not accepted out of respect for him.

Regarding Inzamam’s comments about Zaka Ashraf’s extension as interim board chief, the PCB stated that the tenure extension was a matter of personal opinion and assured that no changes had been made.

They reiterated their unwavering commitment and support for the Pakistan cricket team and management, regardless of the team’s performance.

Furthermore, the PCB advised Inzamam to refrain from making comments about ongoing investigations, as his case is under review.

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