Contract dispute: Players likely to boycott sponsors


LAHORE: The prospects of Pakistani cricketers participating in the upcoming World Cup 2023 in India without central contracts have become more likely.

Despite the mega tournament being just days away, negotiations between national players and the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) have reached an impasse.

For the past four months, these national cricketers have not received any payments from the cricket board, including monthly retainers and match fees.

It is reported that players are now contemplating rejecting sponsor logos on their jerseys and avoiding promotional activities due to financial strain.

Some have expressed their concern, questioning why they should promote sponsors affiliated with the cricket board while representing Pakistan for free.

They have also indicated that during the World Cup, they may not engage in commercial promotions and activities of the International Cricket Council.

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The proposed contract offers top cricketers a Rs. 4.5 million monthly retainer, but they say taxes would leave them with only around Rs. 2.2 to 2.3 million.

Cricketers are now demanding a share of PCB’s ICC financial model, which totals approximately Rs. 9.8 billion, excluding other income sources.

Even with central contracts, their payment would fall short of one billion rupees, 10 percent less than their share of the international cricket body’s revenue.

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