Alaskan cyclist rides 500-mile backward, seeks Guinness World Record

Alaskan Cyclist

NORTH AMERICA: A cyclist from Alaska has aimed for recognition from Guinness World Records after completing a 500-mile bike journey across Iowa, all while riding backward.

According to the international media, Will Walker took this unique feat during this year’s Register’s Annual Great Bicycle Ride Across Iowa, joining around 30,000 fellow cyclists.

As per the reports, Walker’s unconventional method set him apart from the group as he rode while perched on his handlebars, gazing over his shoulder to steer his way.

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While talking to the media, Walker said that he adopted this distinctive cycling technique nearly a decade ago. “I was just sitting with my buddies, I was sitting just like this talking to them and I just decided [to see] if I can ride like this. Now I’m starting to do events and I’m getting recognised all over the world for it.” the Alaskan cyclist added.

Meanwhile, in a bid to secure the title for the longest distance cycled backward, the Alaskan cyclist has submitted his ride’s evidence to Guinness World Records. The current record, set at 209.77 miles, was established by Australian cyclist Andrew Hellinga in 2013.

Check out his unique cycling style below.

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